Attractions around Murata’s Family Farm

Murata’s Family Farm is open all year round, even when strawberries are out of season. Drop by and experience a day at the farm.
Ibaraki prefecture boasts an open sky and broad expanses of ocean and land with lots of things to see and do. After visiting the farm why not take a pleasant stroll and take in the colorful surrounds?

Subtly fragrant flowers and trees bursting with new growth

Kairaku-en Park in Mito, considered one of the three great gardens of Japan, is located approximately 30kms north of the Murata’s Family Farm and is renowned for its plum trees, boasting approximately 100 varieties and 3000 trees. In addition to the plum blossoms in early spring, visitors can also enjoy cherry blossoms and flowering azalea.
The carpet of flowering nemophila covering the entire hill at the Hitachi city-based national park, Hitachi Seaside Park is breathtaking. We invite you to experience the flowers of Ibaraki in spring, when nature is at its most glamorous.

Summer-the season of fun, seaside fireworks and summer festivals

Summer is the season that sees Hokota at its most vibrant and Murata’s Family Farm comes alive with visitors. Just a short stretch away is the Aqua World aquarium.
The dynamic dolphin and seal show is must to cool off on a hot summer day.
Fireworks festivals on the water at Oarai, Ajigaura and the Mitokomon festival are also popular events in the summer months.

Wide open spaces and a season of bountiful produce rich in color

Autumn in Ibaraki, an area blessed with rich, fertile soil, comes alive with a bounty of fresh produce, including the first rice of the season, chestnuts, nashi pears, sweet potato and Hitachi Aki soba noodles etc.
Due to its rich, natural environment, Ibaraki is also famous for its glorious autumn leaves and Mt. Tsukuba is especially beautiful as it comes alive in a blaze of fiery reds, oranges and yellows.
Traditional wind-driven fishing boats known as hobiki operate from Kasumigaura from summer to early winter and can be seen on the waters at dusk through autumn.

Crisp winter skies. The myriad colors of winter

With the exception of northern regions, Ibaraki is generally snow-free throughout winter.
Spots such as Art Tower Mito and Mito Station come alive in a show of light and color at night.
Murata’s Family Farm is only approximately 30mins by car from Ibaraki Airport which serves as a simple and compact gateway to the skies, convenient for travelling or returning home to see family.
Kashimanada Seaside Park in Hokota is also a popular spot for watching the sunrise on New Year’s day and Kashima Shrine located in Kashima is bustling with people over the year end and New Year break.