We are one big happy family

In addition to our family (my mother, father, wife and myself) each and every one of our staff are all important members of a team that are committed to growing strawberries. Our farm is a place filled with laughter and talk about strawberries. We all share in the joy and put our heads together to provide the best care that we can for our strawberries. Strawberries are in our minds each and every day as we strive to learn more about this fruit to provide strawberries that you are sure to love and enjoy.

One family – from the selection of seedlings right up to shipment

Work at the farm is not divvied up into specific jobs. Instead a team is designated to each house. By caring for the same plants, it is easier to notice changes in the strawberries and this system helps to nurture awareness and responsibility. When the time comes to harvest the strawberries under your care each one is removed lovingly from the stalk with two hands. Harvesting right up to preparation for shipment is done together so that we can compare the fruits of our labor. There is nothing like the pride and joy derived from when all of our hard work is recognized.