Our strawberries are part of our family

Strawberries are the only crop grown at Murata’s Family Farm. We listen to the needs of our strawberries. Pest control and disease prevention is carried out safely and with care and no effort is spared to ensure each strawberry thrives.
Vibrant scarlet flesh like a ruby and a full, supple shape. A well-balanced flavor and rich fragrance coupled with a burst of juiciness the moment you bite into them. This is the taste heralded by our customers as Murata Strawberries.
Each strawberry is slowly and patiently matured in mother earth right up until the moment the vibrant red color reaches the green hull at its top and each strawberry is bursting with flavor.

Healthy strawberries come from healthy soil

The soil around Murata’s Family Farm is alive.
We have learned from our failures back from the time our family started growing strawberries and believe that more than anything else, the secret to healthy strawberries is healthy soil.
We use only organic fertilizers, such as rice bran etc. and the onerous process of soil disinfection is carried out regularly in order to eliminate bad bacteria that cause disease.
Only good bacteria that assists growth and development of the fruit is left behind, providing soil that is rich in organic nutrients to serve as a cradle for our strawberries. The rich soil that they grow in is the secret behind thriving, healthy and delicious tasting Murata strawberries.

Grown from seedlings and picked with love

The most appealing aspect of our strawberries is their large size, well-balanced flavor and juice that fills the mouth. This is coupled with a lustrous skin and vibrant color. The selection of healthy seedlings is extremely important to produce superior quality strawberries with all these characteristics. Our seedlings are lovingly cared for from the day the seedlings are planted along with our wish to thrive, right up until the moment they are carefully picked with two hands.

Different qualities for a range of uses

Perfect looking fruit with a lustrous shine make the perfect gift for that someone special.
Slightly imperfect but still large, quality strawberries make a healthy snack for your children.
Completely uniform fruit make the perfect decoration to adorn a cake.
Our white strawberries “awayuki” are also very versatile and are garnering a lot of attention. Grown with love, our versatile strawberries are ripe and sweet but still boast a good shelf life and are preferred by a range of customers, from families right up to world class pastry chefs.